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!!Con 2021

May 15-22, 2021

The joy, excitement, and surprise of computing


Angie JonesKeynote Talk

Phil SalvadorLearning to code with Doom! (Now I'm even more confused!)

Aaron A. ReedFrom Oregon Trail to A.I. Dungeon: 50 Years of Text Games!

Pokey RuleCursorless: keyboards and mice are sooo last year!!

Lynn PepinMaking a pixel-y circuit design language and then building circuits in it!

Jade Finkpwintln!(): teaching an ELF to uwu!!

Nathan KiesmanBang Bang!! Hacking Switch Controllers to Play Rhythm Games Using A Real Drum!

Patrick StefaniakCrocheted! Computer! Graphics!

Richard SchneemanBeware the Dreaded Dead End!!

Andrew SillersNight of the living GIF: Making interactive multiplayer experiences on a static webpage!

Wade MinterBuilding Weird Things With With The National Hockey League Using Ruby!

Robyn SpeerMojibake! What the h—ck happened to these strings?

wilkieSave Icons! In Real Life?! (A Joyous Look at the Floppy Disk!!)

Quinn DombrowskiTropes! Cliches! Made-Up Slang! It's the Data-Sitters Club!

Nicholas CarliniGoLlURM! The Game of Life (limited) Unlimited-Register Machine!

Alex PoundsLet me at my data! Pulling pictures out of an undocumented file format

Rocky KevNetMonster: A trip through early 2000s internet and the monsters hidden inside websites!

Michael WoodsNumeric Data Types in the Wild; or: Things I Learned From Last Night’s Dinner Receipt!

Rebecca RavenoakNifty Weaving Tools: A Different Kind of Color Picker!

Sara FarquharsonIt's my party and I'll build my own virtual social platform if I want to!

Amara JaegerThe Musical Password Manifesto: You Have Nothing to Lose But Your FRdqwcK7y23CYPq!!

Dasha IlinaEyes hurt? All you need is cardboard and motors!!

Sven DahlstrandChanging a Single Byte Saves Me Seconds Every Day!

Paweł MarczewskiIt's like you're actually there! Mouse pointer synchronization in an online tabletop game

John Feminellatzdata: Back to the Future!

JeanHeyd MeneideOh, no! The Lowest-level* Programming Language is Unicode-aware and I have no excuses?!

Paul PollackEnter the Minus World! Nintendo Cartridges Share Secrets!

Tom VerbeureOption hack that 30 year old oscilloscope!

William Woodruffcompilers HATE him: use this ONE WEIRD TRICK to hide a message in your x86 program!!

Daniel TemkinDithers of the Error-Diffusion Kind!

Anjana VakilIt’s a picture! It’s a program!! It’s Piet!!!

Alicja RaszkowskaThe Brave Little Database!

Zachary KanferMaking Music! In Emacs?!

Laura KurupGeometric derivations of RGB colorspace! The strange eyeball science that is messing with your LEDs

Kimberly WilberHow layers upon layers of hacky abstractions turned Doom II into the best kart racer!!

Jon KingsleyRide on Model Railway Signalling using Kubernetes!

Martin Gastonmaking our own napster so we can party like it’s 1999!