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!!Con 2017

May 6-7, 2017 in NYC

The joy, excitement, and surprise of computing

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!!Con (pronounced “bang bang con”) 2017 was two days of ten-minute talks (with lots of breaks, of course!) to celebrate the joyous, exciting, and surprising moments in computing. Check out our speaker lineup!

Karen Sandler
Limor Fried
Aaron Levin
Alex Clemmer
Andrew Plotkin
Bomani McClendon
Charles Chamberlain
Christian Joudrey
David Turner
Evan Jones
Ewan Dennis
Geoffrey Litt
Jan Mitsuko Cash
Jason McIntosh
Jean Cochrane
Jes Wolfe!
Joel Potischman
Julian Squires
Kevin Chen
Lisa Ballard
Mahtab Sabet
Mark Dominus
Michael Kwan
Mindy Preston
Paul Frazee
Nick Sullivan
Richard Harrington
Ruchir Khaitan
Scott Vokes
Tara Vancil
Walt Mankowski
Yomna Nasser

Our call for talk proposals is closed. Thanks for all your wonderful talk proposal submissions!

Where and when?

!!Con was held at the AppNexus headquarters at 28 West 23rd Street, 4th floor, Manhattan, NYC, on the weekend of May 6-7, 2017. Learn more about our venue!

!!Con was pay-what-you-want. Registration is now closed.

What’s so great about !!Con?

Here’s what some of our 2016 speakers and attendees said about us:

a non-stop barrage of AWESOME talks!” – @AnjanaVakil

one of the most diverse and engaged tech communities I’ve ever encountered” – @enjenneer

“What an amazing, delightful, intellectually stimulating, and simply joyous conference!” – @techstepper

“#bangbangcon was utterly amazing, to the point that i have not tweeted about it because how do you fit that into a tweet” – @jackmakesthings

if you are not making plans to attend next year’s @bangbangcon, you are making a huge mistake” – @tdenkinger

“This weekend #bangbangcon showed me a world I want to live in all the time” – @nathanstilwell

If I never went to another tech conference, this would be the one to have ended on” – @aredridel

We hope !!Con 2017 was at least as good!

How do I get updates?

For updates on !!Con, follow @bangbangcon on Twitter, or sign up for our mailing list below! No spam, we promise!

Who organized all this?

The !!Con 2017 organizing team: Danielle Sucher, Erty Seidohl, Julia Evans, Kiran Bhattaram, Lindsey Kuper, and Nabil Hassein. Organizers emeriti: Alex Clemmer, Leo Franchi, and Maggie Zhou. Logo design by Lea Albaugh.


Thank you to our amazing sponsors for helping make !!Con possible!

Our sponsorship page shows the benefits that were available to sponsors!

Code of Conduct

We had a code of conduct that all !!Con participants were required to observe.