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!!Con 2017

May 6-7, 2017 in NYC

The joy, excitement, and surprise of computing

Call for talk proposals!

The !!Con 2017 call for proposals is now closed. Thanks to everyone who submitted a talk idea!

Important dates

  • February 28: Call for talk proposals opens.
  • March 20: Talk proposal submission deadline.
  • April 6: Notification of talk acceptance.
  • April 13: Deadline for speakers to confirm their participation.
  • April 14: Conference registration opens.
  • April 14-23: Public announcement of full speaker list.
  • May 1: Public announcement of detailed schedule.
  • May 6-7: !!Con!

Original call for proposals (for posterity)

Hi! !!Con is back for our fourth year of celebrating the joy, excitement, and surprise of computing, and we want you to submit a talk proposal.

Over the last three years, !!Con talks have featured everything from poetry generation to Pokémon; from machine knitting to electroencephalography; from quantum computing to old DOS games. Do you have a favorite algorithm or data structure? A great story about that time you found a super-weird bug? A tool that you learned about and now you’re telling everyone and their cat?

We want to hear from tinkerers and practical types, scientists and artists, teachers and students, ordinary programmers and out-of-the-ordinary ones. We don’t care if what you talk about is “not smart enough” or “done before”; if you think it’s cool, we want to hear from you.

The only requirements are that your talk:

  • be computing-related!
  • be about something you think is interesting and cool!
  • have at least one exclamation mark in the title!

We would especially like to hear from you if:

  • you submitted a talk proposal in 2014-2016 that was rejected (we’ve had to reject so many talk proposals we loved).
  • you find that people like you are underrepresented at programming conferences. We’re committed to doing work to make !!Con a good experience for more people. See our code of conduct.

All talks will be ten minutes long. Ten minutes isn’t much time, so think carefully about the scope of your talk. A single, focused idea is better than a broad, rambling one.

The submission deadline is March 20. We’ll accept as many of your amazing talks as we can. You can submit more than one talk proposal.

Proposals will be anonymized to avoid bias. Although we ask for your name, email address, and so on in the proposal submission form, only one organizer who serves as anonymizer will actually see this information. The rest of the organizing team will review your proposal.

Submit your proposal today!

Speaker travel funding

We will do our best to offer financial assistance for travel expenses for outside-of-NYC speakers. If you’re not from the NYC area and you want to request funding, please fill out the relevant section of the proposal submission form. If you request travel funding and we accept your proposal, we will let you know if we can provide the funding when we notify you about your proposal acceptance. You will then have time to decide whether you want to participate.

Because submissions are reviewed anonymously, requesting financial assistance will not affect a proposal’s chances of acceptance.

A note about travel

We welcome all speakers, regardless of nationality. We generally expect that accepted speakers who confirm their participation will travel to New York to present their talk in person. However, if any accepted speaker anticipates visa-related difficulties in traveling to the conference, we will make arrangements to enable remote participation, and not require them to attend the conference in order to present their talk. In such a case contact us for further guidance.

Thanks for submitting to !!Con!