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!!CON 2015

The joy, excitement, and surprise of programming

May 16-17, 2015 in NYC

Quick Links: Talk recordings · Conference program · Speaker list · Code of conduct

!!Con (pronounced "bang bang con") 2015 was two days of ten-minute talks (with lots of breaks, of course!) to celebrate the joyous, exciting, and surprising moments in programming. Check out our speaker lineup!

Mary Rose Cook
David Nolen
Lea Albaugh
Kiran Bhattaram
Ashley Blewer
Peter Boothe
Fiona Condon
Nick Doiron
Bonnie Eisenman
Lisa van Gelder
Polina Giralt and Anita Mehrotra
Libby Horacek
Rob Jefferson
Allison Kaptur
Sasha Laundy
Kevin Lynagh
Kamal Marhubi
Josh Matthews
Allison Nelson
Simon Sapin
Max Veytsman
Scott Vokes
Igor Wiedler
Jon Williams
Joshua Wise

Where and when?

!!Con 2015 was held on Saturday, May 16 and Sunday, May 17, 2015 at the NYU MAGNET space, located at 2 MetroTech Roadway, 8th Floor, Brooklyn NY 11201.

MAGNET (short for "Media and Games Network") is part of the NYU Polytechnic School of Engineering at MetroTech Center in Brooklyn. It's a beautiful, studio-like space that's well suited for events like !!Con (see pictures!). We had enough space, and better A/V gear than ever before.

On Saturday, the fun began at 10:30 AM; on Sunday, at 9:45 AM. We provided breakfast, lunch, and snacks on both days, and talks ended at around 5:30 PM. Throughout each day, we had breaks for relaxation, refreshment, and unconferencing. See the full program!

!!Con was pay-what-you-want, but you must have had a ticket in order to attend. Our registration lottery closed on April 23. Thanks for your participation!

How cool is !!Con?

Judging by the reaction of the 2014 speakers and attendees, it's pretty cool:

"@bangbangcon was such an enormous highlight of my 2014 and I am SO THRILLED to hear that it's happening again." — @jczetta

"Having a hard time even deciding what my favorite !!Con talks were." — @silentbicycle

"I had so much fun at #bangbangcon—great concept for a conference and I met lots of rad people!" — @aparrish

"Seriously, you put on a hell of an event." — @daniellesucher

"Diverse and inspiring talks, friendly people and enlightening unconferencing. A weekend well spent!" — Scott Feeney

"Awesome time at #bangbangcon! Well-timed reminder of why I <3 programming." — @pkhuong

"@bangbangcon was amazing! Got to speak in public for the 1st time, met great people, learned a lot and got tons of new ideas!" — @rfkdr

"The best thing I did in 2014" — @mrb_bk

We hope !!Con 2015 was at least as good!

How do I get updates?

To find out about future !!Con events, follow @bangbangcon on Twitter, or sign up for our mailing list below! No spam, we promise!

Who organized all this?

Listed in increasing order of the MD5 hashes of our names: Maggie Zhou, Lindsey Kuper, Alex Clemmer, Julia Evans, Leo Franchi, and Erty Seidohl.

Logo design and additional web wrangling by Lea Albaugh. Danielle Sucher helped immensely with speaker outreach.


!!Con aimed to be an accessible conference. (However, we failed in that we didn't manage to update the venue details on our accessibility page after we had to change venues. Sorry, everyone.)

Code of Conduct

We had a code of conduct that all !!Con participants were required to observe.


!!Con 2015 wouldn't have been possible without the support of our fabulous sponsors!!