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!!CON 2015

The joy, excitement, and surprise of programming

May 16-17, 2015 in NYC

Conference Program

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Saturday, May 17

10:30Space opens; breakfast; mingling
  • Opening remarks
  • Keynote: David Nolen
    Invent the Future You Want to Live In!
12:15-1:05: Traveling Swift-ly through Time!
2:30-3:20: (Analytic) Philosophizing!
  • What Programmers and Economists Can Learn from Each Other! (Rob Jefferson) (Note: unfortunately, this talk had to be cancelled due to illness)
  • Contributing to open source should be like ROLLER DERBY!! (Libby Horacek)
  • MissingNo., my favourite Pokémon! (Igor Wiedler)
  • QUINE + TAR = QUININE!! (Peter Boothe)
4:30-5:20: As Real As It Gets!
  • From text to textiles! (Lea Albaugh)
  • Lightpainting with Robots! And JavaScript! (Jon Williams)
  • Music! Programming! Arduino! (Or: Building Electronic Musical Interfaces to Create Awesome) (Bonnie Eisenman)
  • I made a cell phone! (DON'T TELL THE FCC KTHX!) (Kevin Lynagh)
5:20-5:30Closing remarks
5:30Optional: find your dinner group!

Sunday, May 18

9:45Space opens; breakfast; mingling
11:30-12:20: Weirding Language!
  • The Burrows-Wheeler Transform: Better Compression with a Reversible Sort!! (Scott Vokes)
  • Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Search Index!! (Fiona Condon)
  • Git Pushes from Paradise: Adding a remote island alphabet to Wikipedia! (Nick Doiron)
  • Dissecting a Bestseller: The Art and Science of Storytelling! (Allison Nelson)
2:30-3:20: Heroic Hacks!
  • Recovering data from an SD card — the hard way! (Joshua Wise)
  • Cross-platform file names in Rust: a wonderful and horrifying hack! (Simon Sapin)
  • Limitless and recursion-free recursion limits! (Allison Kaptur)
  • i'm in ur javaz haxxing ur codez! (Max Veytsman)
4:30-5:10: Tales from the Production Server!
5:10Thanks and closing remarks