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!!CON 2015

The joy, excitement, and surprise of programming

May 16-17, 2015 in NYC


David NolenInvent the Future You Want to Live In!

Ashley BlewerDon't know about you, but I'm feeling like SHA-2!: Checksumming with Taylor Swift

Kamal MarhubiWhat the clock?!!

Kiran BhattaramBending the Laws of Physics! Or, How Wi-Fi Keeps Getting Faster.

Josh MatthewsTime travel, gdb, elephants, and you!!!!

Rob JeffersonWhat Programmers and Economists Can Learn from Each Other! (cancelled due to illness)

Libby HoracekContributing to open source should be like ROLLER DERBY!!

Igor WiedlerMissingNo., my favourite Pokémon!

Peter BootheQUINE + TAR = QUININE!!

Lea AlbaughFrom text to textiles!

Jon WilliamsLightpainting with Robots! And JavaScript!

Bonnie EisenmanMusic! Programming! Arduino! (Or: Building Electronic Musical Interfaces to Create Awesome)

Kevin LynaghI made a cell phone! (DON'T TELL THE FCC KTHX!)

Mary Rose CookGit from the inside out!

Scott VokesThe Burrows-Wheeler Transform: Better Compression with a Reversible Sort!!

Fiona CondonEternal Sunshine of the Spotless Search Index!!

Nick DoironGit Pushes from Paradise: Adding a remote island alphabet to Wikipedia!

Allison NelsonDissecting a Bestseller: The Art and Science of Storytelling!

Joshua WiseRecovering data from an SD card — the hard way!

Simon SapinCross-platform file names in Rust: a wonderful and horrifying hack!

Allison KapturLimitless and recursion-free recursion limits!

Max Veytsmani'm in ur javaz haxxing ur codez!

Polina Giralt & Anita MehrotraThe Science behind #TheDress: Measuring Virality at BuzzFeed!

Sasha LaundySpinning metal platters in the cloud!

Lisa van GelderGreat Caching Disasters (and how to avoid them)!