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!!Con 2020

May 9-10, 2020

The joy, excitement, and surprise of computing


Taeyoon ChoiKeynote Talk

Chloe ReveryThe Taming of the Clue: Teaching a Pen Plotter To Solve Crossword Puzzles!!

Tamás KádárLittle Printing for everyone!!1

Gargi SharmaPrinting floating point numbers is surprisingly hard!!

Martin Gastonbringing back my 1998 by building an arduino that can recover a playstation memory card!

Gábor UgrayTrapped in codepoints no more! I’m freeing Chinese characters.

Jonathan KingsleyReverse engineer your ski goggles for fun and profit!

Omar RizwanPlaying Breakout… inside a PDF!!

Sacha SayanObelisk and the Known Unknowns (Or: The Art of Fumbling Through your Side Project to Create Something Incredible!)

Amy CashPunch Card Love! A (Very!) Personal History of Computer Dating!

Dylan NugentLet’s implement DNS to learn history!

Phil WarrenRecreating Photography of the 1850s in a Digital World: Cowboys, Principal Component Analysis, and One Vengeful Volcano Spirit!!!

Char StilesEMAIL!

Payas RajanSupercharged Dijkstra’s: Computing ‘shortest’ paths on large road graphs in microseconds!

Nick SweetingQuebec’s 735kv power lines can survive the apocalypse, but can they run TCP?!

Allison ParrishKeynote Talk

Franklin HuLearning your 爱比西s: Translating Chinese into Morse code!

Tim HolmanThe Making of a Mosquito.JS

Tristan HumeUsing font shaping to put commas in big numbers EVERYWHERE!!

Helen Hou-SandíSparking Musical Joy at Home With Magnetic Stripe Swipe Cards and Tiny Code!

Julia TuftsBang Bang!! My Interpreter Shot Me Down!

Matt ClawsonRepair a Commodore 64 in just 64 Months!!

Ben Kuhn89 characters of base-11?! Mobile networking in rural Ethiopia!

James RyanCBS Televised Computer-Generated Stories in 1960—and Ten Million Watched!

Matthew DockreyProgramming from an alternate timeline!

Andrew YoonWriting {{‘poems that change’, ‘chance poems’, ‘dynamic poetry’}}!

Em Lazer-WalkerWe used a MIDI CONTROLLER to tune our GAMEFEEL!

Joshua WiseScrewing up is easier than ever before!