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!!Con 2019

May 11-12, 2019 in NYC

The joy, excitement, and surprise of computing


Nabil HasseinFinding the joy and excitement in a surprisingly colonial tech world

Evy KassirerReverse engineering your mouth!

Kate BeardLet’s build a live chat! 👍from the 1800s (?!) 🤔using modern web technology!!! 😮

Melody Starlinglo-fi hip hop beats to npm install to

Geoffrey LesselCustom Sudoku Books with Ruby!! and LaTeX!!

Ayla MyersLet’s expand the meaning of “GAME FEEL”!! It ain’t just the crunchy boomy bits!

Em Lazer-WalkerI made a game you play by riding your bike!

Sophie DezielI built a robot to cheat at Pokemon!!

Allison ParrishSpeling werds egspressively with rrkurrent nuril nedwirques!

Andrew SillersAnything is possible! Unlocking the Nightmarish Power of JavaScript via with and Proxy

Vaibhav SagarYou Won’t Believe This One Weird CPU Instruction!

David Mauricio Delgado RuizHiding my love inside a MIDI file!

Ellen KörbesGo For Phallic Object Generation!

Sarah WitheeI Built an Artificial Pancreas!

Tessa AlexanianLife isn’t logical! It’s hard to put NOR gates in bacteria!

Jenn SchifferDay two Keynote by Jenn Schiffer

Victor DibiaDance of the Ancestors: I used Neural Networks to Re-imagine African Mask Art !!

Veena SankaranarayananManual algorithmic art: You can draw an Indian floor pattern that covers an infinite area!

Lee ButtermanPoeta Ex Machina! How To Teach Computers To Chant Latin Poetry!

Anjana Vakil, Natalia MargolisTail Call Optimization: The Musical!!

Omar ShehataLearning to See in 4D

Jayesh KawliCompute geolocation from object shadows!

Nat AlisonWe Love Polyhedra! (And So Should You!)

Uche OgbujiYes yes ya’ll! Miles of !malloc() and free() styles!¡!

Dawn Xiana MoonMusician experiments: I fed a bot my songs and asked it to write more! Plus: A concert!

Ju LiuDo Parsers Dream of Electric Guitars?!

Peter SobotEven more vintage: releasing music on a custom-built Game Boy cartridge!

Jes Wolfe!Paper Synthesizer! Music created with Augmented Reality

Josh TriplettBuild your own virtual machine with /dev/kvm and Rust!

Michael MalisWriting an Interpreter in SQL for Fun and No Profit!

Pranshu BajpaiTales from the Underground: Hilarious Cybercrime Fails!!