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!!Con (pronounced bang bang con) 2014 was two days of ten-minute talks (with lots of breaks, of course!) about what excites us about programming — the amazing, the strange, and the heartwarming. From kernel exploits to teaching kids to program, !!Con was about bringing the NYC programming community together to celebrate the joy and excitement and the surprising moments in what we do. We defined "programming community" broadly — you didn't need to be a professional programmer to be part of !!Con.

Who spoke?

Michael Bernstein
Camille Fournier
Michael Arntzenius
Kamelia Aryafar
Darius Bacon
Danielle Sucher
Mark Jason Dominus
Rafik Draoui
Julia Evans
Andrew Gwozdziewycz
Allie Jones
Allison Kaptur
Paul Khuong
Daniel Luxemburg
Guillaume Marceau
Travis McDemus
Lisa Neigut
Allison Parrish
Emily Reese
Omar Rizwan
Bjorn Roche
Jennifer Shin
David Turner
Chloe Weil
Mark Wunsch
Aki Yamada
Katherine Ye

Check out our speaker lineup, including our amazing keynote speakers, Michael Bernstein and Camille Fournier!

Our call for proposals closed on March 31, 2014. Thanks so much for all of your wonderful talk proposals!

Where and when?

The conference was held at Hacker School, at 455 Broadway in Manhattan, on Saturday, May 17 and Sunday, May 18, 2014. On both days, the fun began at 9:45 AM; we provided breakfast, lunch, and snacks on both days; and talks ended at around 5:30 PM. Throughout each day, we had breaks for relaxation, refreshment, and unconferencing. See the program for details!

!!Con was free to attend, but space was limited, and you must have registered in order to attend.

Registration is now closed. Thanks so much for your interest in !!Con!

Who sponsored?

!!Con wouldn't have been possible without the support of our fabulous sponsors!!

How do I get updates?

To find out about future !!Con events, follow @bangbangcon on Twitter, or sign up for our mailing list below! No spam, we promise!

Who organized all this?

Listed in decreasing order of hair length: Lindsey Kuper, Alex Clemmer, Julia Evans, Erty Seidel, Maggie Zhou, and Leo Franchi.

Code of Conduct

We had a code of conduct that all !!Con participants were required to observe.