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Michael BernsteinThe Art of Obsession

Travis McDemusThe Sound of Segfaults!!

Darius Bacon and Danielle SucherNantucket! Hacking at verse

David TurnerNow you're thinking with PCMPISTRI!

Bjorn RocheHow I used my knowledge of code (and music!) to help fight fires!

Chloe WeilTasty Stacks!

Julia EvansSpying on your programs with strace!!!

Jennifer ShinHigh Schoolers vs. Robots!!!!

Kamelia AryafarComputer vision and archeology!: Can computers assemble ceramic artifacts?

Allison KapturA 1,500 line (!!) switch statement powers your Python!

Aki YamadaJust LOOK at the humongous type that Hindley-Milner infers for this tiny program!

Michael ArntzeniusContinuations; or, how to travel through time!

Allie JonesWeaving and Programming: More Related Than You (Probably) Realize!

Camille FournierHow to Stay in Love with Programming

Lisa NeigutSerial! It's what's for breakfast

Andrew GwozdziewyczUnderstanding Garbage Collection, through Visualizing a One Pass Real-Time Generational Mark-Sweep Garbage Collector!