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Call for proposals!

!!Con is a conference about what excites us about programming. It's about amazing things, surprising things and fun things. It's about strange things and silly things and heartwarming things. Did you find a super-weird bug? Have you learned a programming language that kinda blew your mind? Did you teach some kids to program and they did something amazing? Did your program make you giggle? We want to hear about it. We don't care if what you talk about is “basic” or “not smart enough” or “done before” — if you think it's cool, we want to hear from you.

The only requirements are that your talk:

  • be programming-related
  • be about something you think is cool
  • have at least one exclamation mark in the title!

All talks will be ten minutes long, followed by five minutes for questions. Ten minutes isn't much time, so think carefully about the scope of your talk. A single, focused idea is better than a broad, rambling one.

The submission deadline is March 31. We'll accept as many of your amazing talks as we can. You can submit more than one talk proposal.

Proposals will be anonymized. Although we ask for your name, email address, and so on in the proposal submission form, only one person (Alex, our chief anonymizer) will actually see this information. All reviewing of proposals will be done anonymously, to avoid bias.

Submit your talk proposal today!

Important dates

  • March 3: CFP opens.
  • March 31: CFP submission deadline.
  • April 17: Notification of talk acceptance.
  • April 22: Deadline for speakers to confirm their participation.
  • April 23: Public announcement of speakers.
  • April 23 26 at 8:00 PM EDT: Registration opens!
  • April 26 TBD: Public announcement of detailed schedule.
  • May 17-18: !!Con!