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!!Con West 2020

Feb 29 – Mar 1, 2020 in Santa Cruz, CA

the joy, excitement, and surprise of computing

Conference program

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Saturday, 29 February 2020

Time Event
9:00am Space opens (please don’t arrive before nine!)
9:00-10:30am Registration; continental breakfast; mingling
10:30-11:30am • Opening remarks
• Keynote talk: isis lovecruft
11:30-11:45am Break!
11:45am-12:20pm First Session!
You can weave software into hardware! And then fly to the moon!! (Katie Broida)
You can put WHAT in DNS TXT records?!?! (Breanne Boland)
Wolf, Goat, and Cabbage In Two Styles!! (Jason Orendorff)
12:20-1:30pm Lunch is served!
1:30-2:20pm Second Session!
The Ancient Greeks And Their Restless Cattle: A 2300 Year-Old Soap Opera About Big Integers! (Aaron Wood)
How To Host A Podcast For 25 Cents A Month! (Michelle Brenner)
Compilers for nothing, executables for free! (Vaibhav Sagar)
Writing Programs! That Write Other Programs!! (Nick Fitzgerald)
2:20-2:40pm Break!
2:40-3:15pm Third Session!
Plotty Bird - Making Modern Games on Retro Pen Plotters! (Wesley Aptekar-Cassels)
Reverse engineering game formats for fun and profit! (well, mostly just fun) (Spencer Alves)
ba-ding! (Lito Nicolai)
3:15-4:10pm Unconferencing!
4:10-4:50pm Fourth Session!
Sonification: You Can See Your Complex Data with Sound!! (don-E Merson)
Beyond the Black Rainbow: Why You Can’t Photo Infrared Rainbows, and Using Booleans to Do It Anyway! (Phil Warren)
Curses!! (Jeremy Apthorp)
4:50-5:00pm • Closing Remarks
• Wrap for the day (dinner, etc., on your own)
5:10pm • Shuttle departs!

Sunday, 1 March 2020

Time Event
9:00am Space opens (please don’t arrive before nine!)
9:00-10:30am Registration (for anyone who didn’t register Saturday); refreshments; mingling
10:30-11:15am • Opening remarks
• Keynote talk: Erin Rose Glass
11:15-11:30am Break!
11:30am-12:05pm Fifth Session!
The surprising hacks behind my 3D reconstructed wedding cake topper! (Kathleen Tuite)
Delete all code! 100% testing coverage, the lazy way! (Matías Lang)
Tex-Mex and malloc(3C): The Problems That Restaurant Hosts and Memory Allocators Have in Common! (Jordan Hendricks)
12:05-1:10pm Lunch is served!
1:10-1:35pm Sixth Session!
• Bonus extra keynote talk: Of Muppets, Metaballs, and Ballroom Dance! (Kate Compton)
1:35-2:25pm Unconferencing!
2:25-3:15pm Seventh Session!
linkRot!! Dancing the patterns of digital decay (Sarah Nguyen)
How I solved my NYC parking problem with Python! (Jessica Garson)
Packages, but in 3D! (Tiffany Tseng)
Cisco Purses Cubed! (Tom Verbeure)
3:15-3:30pm Break!
3:30-4:05pm Eighth Session
It’s alive, but not for long!! I generated thousand of 3D characters for my game only to retire most of them. (Maria Mishurenko)
Get Hooked On Neural Net Inspection! That was a pun! (Naomi Saphra)
Drag Makeovers, via AI! (Lee Butterman)
4:05pm-4:20pm • Thanks and closing remarks
• End of conference (dinner, etc., on your own)
4:40pm • Shuttle departs!