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!!CON 2016

The joy, excitement, and surprise of programming

May 7-8, 2016 in NYC

Talk Recordings

Lindsey Kuper and Julia EvansOpening Words

Catt SmallKeynote: The Creative Programmer

Kiran BhattaramThe Tales of the Cursed Operating Systems Textbook!

Mark Allen"values of β may give rise to dom!"

Lydia GuPing! Are you there?

Katie BechtoldCode in Spaaaaaace!!!!!

Allison ParrishLossy text compression, for some reason?!

Brendan Curran JohnsonA Shot in the Dark!

Sher Minn ChongPlants are Recursive!!: Using L-Systems to Generate Realistic Weeds

Diana LiaoMixing Paint! With Computers!

Andreas FuchsI’m not a number, I’m a free file descriptor!!1 (Our protagonist promptly disappears down a wormhole)

Kamal MarhubiStoring your data in kernel space: an excellent bad idea!

Samy Al BahraDebugging debuggers!!!

Laura LindzeyConvolution and the Fourier Transform: Math! (in pictures!!)

Jennifer FernickAll Together Now! Programming the Quantum Computer

Mark PhillipsUpstream/Downstream: Discovering and Displaying Watershed Topology!

Mark DominusMy favorite NP-complete problem!

Ramsey NasserKeynote: The Unfortunate Value of Failure

Sina BahramHow I Code and Use a Computer at 1,000 WPM!!

Rob JeffersonWhat Developers and Economists Can Learn from Each Other!

Brendan CordyMaking Money Disappear with Hash Functions!

Mark Wunschlol im so random!

TefA million things to do with a computer!

Anne DecusatisMy favorite Unicode character: the zero-width joiner!

Jake LevineSorting is as easy as 1, 2, 3 --- but not as easy as a, b, c!

WilkiePreserving Digital Art and Games for 100 Years!

Adam MarcusDon’t forget to sketch! Running with large datasets

Anjana VakilThey're functional! They're efficient!! They’re persistent data structures!!!

Valerie AuroraHow I fixed UNIX atime! With 10 lines of code and feminism!!!

Mariko KosakaInk on fingers! The history of printing (with code!) before computer screens

Irvin HwangMaking a Metaverse! A WebVR (not so M)MO for Programmers!

Colin JonesFinding out what's really going on, with DTrace!

Julia EvansHow to trick a neural network!

Erty SeidelSurprise Talk: The Origin Story